6 wacky facts about bowling you can bring to your holiday table!
Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Bowling has a long and complex history : there is evidence that people have been rolling balls at pins since 3200BCE, in Egypt. Nice to know we’re continuing a heck of a tradition here at South Bowl


A few other neat tidbits about our favorite sport : 


Modern bowling is a 10-pin game. 9-pin bowling remains outlawed in all US states except for Texas, due to the fact that it used to be associated with illegal gambling. 


Bowling balls were made of wood until 1905. The 1960s brought us the colorful polyester resin balls that we continue to use today—in between, bowling balls were simply heavy black rubber. 


The oldest written account of bowling comes to us from one of King Edward the III of England’s decrees: he banned his soldiers from bowling, so that they would focus on archery practice. 


A bowling ball only hits four pins for an “ideal” strike. Therefore, if you roll l a perfect 300 game, your ball hits as few as 48 pins. 


Not only does bowling have a rich background, it’s also a surprisingly good source of exercise : bowling burns up to 180 calories in the course of three games.  Throwing frames also works underused muscle groups, can improve your social life, and even reduce your risk of heart disease and diabetes. All-around win, if you ask us! 


Get on down to South Bowl and indulge your inner bowling nerd—if you know any more interesting bowling facts, we’d love to hear them!